As part of what we do at A1, we offer a number of tire recycling services including Tire Rim Crushing, Tire Pick-Ups, and Tire Clean Ups. 

Tire Rim Crushing

For owners of scrap yards, or anyone with old automobile rims they would like to recycle, we offer a rim crushing service where customers can bring in their tires, and we will crush the rims for them. We will then recycle the rubber tires, and the customer can either leave the crushed metal with us or purchase it back at a reduced rate. We will quote rates based on volume. Contact us for further information.


Tire Pick-Ups

If you are a registered collector, or not, add your name to our tire pick-up list and we will pick up your used tires free of charge. We will pick up anything from lite car tires, to transport tires and off road vehicle tires.  

You can also contact us to inquire about installing a pick-up bin at your location for anyone in the community to recycle their tires. 

Tire Cleanups

The Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) regularily accepts proposals for tire clean-up projects. If you are a property owner with a large amount of used tires cluttering up your lot, we will help you through the process of submitting your proposal to the OTS.

We provide a site visit to determine the size and quantity of the tires needing pick-up, we'll provide instructions on how to submit the proposal, and then the OTS will dispatch us to collect the tires.

OTS covers the costs of collecting the tires, but the land owner is responsible for all costs involved in making the tires accessible for pick-up. For example, if the tires are partially buried and need to be dug up, the land owner will need to cover the costs of this part of the project.

To submit your proposal to the OTS, you can send it by email to The email should include the land owner's name and contact info, as well as the quantity, size, and location of the tires.   

Contact Us to learn more.