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Leadership Rotational Internship
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario
(Internship, 52 Week Contract)


Job Description: 

A1 Blasting Mats is looking for a Leadership Rotation Intern will assist management in reviewing, developing, and implementing company processes and procedures that will help to make the company more efficient and profitable. The intern will have the opportunity to experience all the company’s departments in order to see how they work and how they can be improved upon.

Under the supervision of the company's owners, the intern will review existing company policies and procedures:

- Experience "hands-on" each process related to plant operations and management.

- Observe existing procedures and potential issues in changing them

- Research best practices in industry and in similar companies

- Use previous experiences and education background to formulate suggestions for new policies and procedures.


Propose and Implement new policies and procedures relating to plant operations:

- Prepare and present a report outlining findings to companies owners

- collaborate with owners to finalize new processes

- with owners help, assume a leadership role in working with plant employees to implement new policies and procedures.

- coach/train plant employees until they have fully adopted new policies and procedures.


Participate in Plant Automation Project:

- The intern will have the opportunity to work with management and provide input on implementing new technology and robotics into the plant to improve efficiency.

- The intern will collaborate with owners on developing an implementation plan related to introducing the new equipment to staff, and training them on adopting the new technology.


The intern maybe be asked from time to time to perform additional tasks as deemed appropriate by both the intern and management.

The intern must be a university or college graduate who has graduated within the last three years from an accredited college or university.  The candidate must be a graduate of a post-secondary degree or diploma program. The position will be a first full-time employment in the candidate’s field of study.

Additional Qualifications

  • Degree or diploma in business administration
  • Interest in leadership and people management is considered an asset
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook)
  • Willing to take on initiatives within the company
  • Able and willing to adopt new technology
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills required
  • Researching ability is an asset
  • Fluency in French and English is an asset

Application Deadline:  12:00pm October 15th, 2017

Please mail applications to:  

Attn: Kevin Fitzgerald and Denis Blais
325 Quesnel Road
Sturgeon Falls, On
P2B 2V7

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